WEITEC Volkswagen Golf VI GTI

WEITEC which is owned by KW, has come up with new suspension packages for Golf GTI and prepared this car to show them off!

They offer different levels of suspension tuning for different budgets. There’s the ULTRA GT for just 525 Euro in which you get WEITEC SPORT F-springs, which bring the GTI 20 millimetres lower and feature stronger springs.


Then there is the HICON GT suspension set which comes with a dampening characteristic that has been perfected for the Golf VI GTI, and WEITEC-coilovers that reduce the height of the VW by 10 to 40 millimetres. It costs 749 Euro.

The most expensive package is the WEITEC-coilover HICON TX “plus” for 999 Euros, and it allows the driver to adjust the dampener characteristics in the installed state in terms of its hardness.

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