VW Tuning

Volkswagen is one of the oldest vehicle brands existing today. The Volkswagen brand focuses on economic cars rather than the fast type vehicles, but this does not mean that VW cars could not be perked-up for speed and efficiency. The latest generations of the VW Polo and Golf now have the capability of being tuned up for speed and could even be used for track racing after the works.

VW Tuning

The engine, handling system and differential of VW vehicles differ for each model released. Getting a new generation VW Golf or any VW Polo will be a good startup in making an efficiently tuned-up and customized VW. Be sure to get a unit with an engine that is powerful enough so that getting a new set of engine is no longer necessary. A 1.3 L or a 1.4 L would do. But a 1.6 L or 1.8 T will be fabulous if you have the budget.

The most economical way of tuning the VW engine would be improving the air intake and exhaust system. You could get a variety of air-intake upgrades that you want as long as it would provide good and clean breathing for your engine. Exhaust should also be unhindered. Once you have done this, your VW’s improved response should be noticeable. Turbo charging is not a bad idea either as long as you have the cash to get it.

Volkswagen Tuning

Next in line would be the VW’s differential. A slip diff that is electronically controlled would be the best choice, but if you’re not planning to race, it would be a waste of good money. A torque activated LSD would be the practical choice. It is not that expensive and is able to provide a considerable increase to your VW performance. Plus, it is suitable for almost every load condition.

Other tuning possibilities for your VW would include tire upgrades for better traction and driving comfort and weight deduction. Tire options are not hard to find, and there is a good number of high quality tire available for VW’s. As for weight reduction, changing the hood, bonnet and front wings with carbon fibre would do the trick.

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