VW Bora Tuning

Car tuning has changed the face of a factory manufactured vehicle to something flashier and sleeker. It has made cars both aesthetically and functionally improved overall and the VW Bora is no exception. Many hobbyists, mostly male enthusiasts, have made this both a hobby and an industry. After Toyota, Ford and GM, VM comes next as industry car producer. According to its German name, VM means “people’s car.”

Bestseller in the US and Canada

VW Bora spans five generations which is essentially known as the sedan version of a small family car as many knows it. It comes with improved interiors but with consequent higher price tag as well. The Bora comes in 2- and 4-door sedans as well as 5-door station wagons. It sold like hotcakes with almost 7 million cars sold worldwide with a third of that figure sold in the US alone.

Volkswagen Bora Tuning

Advanced Options

Aside from its rounder shape and curved corners which has become the standard features of the VW Bora, it can be modified to include climate control done automatically instead of manually as well as windshield wipers that are sensor controlled whenever as soon as raindrops hit them. The engines are 1.8T four-cylinder or VR5 (5-cylinder) for better power.

Car owners may also opt for additional emissions and electronics equipment to be able to meet standards for air emissions in North America and Europe. For this purpose, PD technology can be utilized which helps produce adequate power and still meet emissions standards. This technology helps inject fuel at extremely high pressure into the vehicle’s combustion chamber which produces fine atomization. This means higher levels of complete combustion. Noise is reduced with the system called “pilot injection.” One can also innovate with front bumpers for better impact-absorption. Try the Electronic Stability Program which includes brake assist and anti-slip regulation.

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