Vauxhall VXR 8 – Sports car

Motoring enthusiastic can enjoy the opportunity of Vauxhall VXR 8 car. The thunder from market has still not stopped because of the excellent features of this car. In fact it is being louder and demanding.

 Vauxhall VXR 8

The car carries an amount of 6.0 litre capacity of fuel in it, which makes it fuel-efficient. Another essential feature is rear-wheel set up to facilitate easy and energetic driving. This car is more exciting than Monaro, because of the powerful engine. Not only it has developed massive torque of 420 PS and 550 Nm but also gives grunt to sprint in 4.9 sec at 0-60 mph speed. No other car constitutes this feature of speed.

 Vauxhall VXR 8 Interior

A soft car containing all the luxuries such as spacious boot, comfortable climate control and leather trim makes the buyers to cruise over this car. An automatic gear of VXR 8 maintains to control, which a VXR buyer requires. With an option of 1,400 pounds shifter self, a ride can be manually performed. Sport car lovers will really enjoy this car.

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