VATH Mercedes ML63 AMG Super SUV

585 hp, 690 nm of torque, and 300 km/h top speed. You are definitely thinking a supercar of some kind reading these numbers, but they actually belong to a Mercedes ML!

This however is no ordinary SUV in which you do school run or that sorta of things. This is based on a ML63 AMG which is already tuned to the limit. But VATH has got the hold of it and went way beyond that limit!


To get that much power out of the car’s 6.2 liter V8, the tuner had to implement a number changes including enlarging cylinder heads for sport camshafts, installing sport exhaust with headers as well as a high-performance air intake system and upgrading the car’s electronic control unit.


They have also provided the car with sport springs and coilovers which drops it by 40mm and 22-inch light alloy wheels to make sure it won’t handle like a clown. Those wheels are covered with high performance 265/35 ZR 22 and 305/30 ZR 22 Dunlop tires.

VATH also installs a few aerodynamic-tweaking parts like the rear roof wing for the sake of more downforce. Now this package is really mouthwatering, mind you that it’s quit expensive as well! The engine treatment for instance costs nearly 20,000 euros alone! or the wheels that are 8,000 euros a set… you get the idea!

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