Tuned Cars

Tuning a car is a hobby enjoyed by millions of motoring enthusiasts around the world. Whether it be tuning a new car, or restoring an old car to its former glory, there are numerous ways to make your car that bit better. And let’s face it – everyone loves a done up car!

While tuning cars is often relating to having large bank accounts, there are a couple of ways to get more out of your car that are good on the pocket. First is to get a quality fuel filter, and get a quality oil filter. These should set you back about $40 and will last you tens of thousands of kilometres depending on the quality. Next, swap your old spark plugs for performance spark plugs. A new set of performance spark plug wires are worth the price. The better the spark produced in the piston, the better the car will run.

You can’t go past a good air filter; personally I use a brand called K&N. These will last longer than cheap filters and will slightly increasing power and reduce fuel consumption.

In total, these upgrades will set you back around $150 and noticeably improve your cars performance.

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