Treat Your Car or Truck to a Sexy Car Wash

After a long day on the road, you and your car deserve the very best. One of the most enjoyable activities one can share with their car or truck is a sexy car wash. A sexy car wash is a great way to enjoy the view of a beautiful girl rubbing your car up and down full of suds giving your car a hot car wash clad with little or no clothing. No matter what the occasion, there is nothing that quite puts a smile on your face more than a bikini car wash.

How to Enjoy a Sexy Car Wash

It’s extremely easy to enjoy a sexy car wash, whether the girl is clad in a bikini or just a wet t-shirt. Many areas around the country offer hot car washes whether at established car washing businesses, contract services that come to your home or as part of special fundraisers for non profit organizations.

Sorority Bikini Car Wash

One of the best bargains on the road is a sorority fundraiser bikini car wash. With one of these hot car washes you can enjoy hot and sexy women while being philanthropic at the same time. Sorority bikini car wash is not only a practical way to get a squeaky clean car, but it is a great way to give back to the community.

Hire Your Own Sexy Car Wash

If your local college sorority does not offer a bikini car wash and you still feel that your car needs some good loving, then you can always hire a couple of beauties to give your car a spanking clean rim job. Ordering a sexy car wash can cost as little as $30 and while a hot car wash from two beautiful women can be candy for the eyes, it is actually money well spent since you also get a clean car. I always think of it as buying a lap dance for my buddy- in this case my buddy is my Ford pickup.

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