Trabant Tuning

The Trabant is a small wonderful car produced by former East German auto maker VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau in Zwickau, Sachsen. Once upon a time in East Germany, it was the most common car on the road. Despite being compact and light, the Trabant had a good seating space for 4 adults along with some excellent room for luggage. Despite its ordinary performance and smoky two-stroke engine, the car has come to be regarded with derisive affection as a symbol of the failed aspects of former East Germany and of the fall of communism.

The love for Trabant in the hearts of many enthusiasts is quite evident till today when we see so many tuned up versions in succession. Germany still remains as the best place to witness such cars. It is more of an inspiration to think that we might have a successor of this retro just like Beatle or Mini.


The best thing you could do to your Trabant is to transform it into a speed monster. A good 900 cc engine replacement is a wonderful modification. An ordinary engine won’t be able to cope up with the already existing configuration hence a customized version of cylinders, crank and pistons is needed. Backed by the new racing spark plugs from NGK and a buffed carburettor from FZ, the little Trabant produces a 65 bhp of power which can pump it to a top speed of 190 Km/h.

Some more modifications include modification of the chassis completely and chopping of front pillars. Reducing them by about 60-70 mm would give a great shape to the car. Windows and fenders can be used from any other short models available these days. The headlights need to give a trendy look. VW Golf makes awesome designs of headlights that suit the smaller cars a lot.

The mirrors need to come from a sports motorbike like Ducati or Honda for better looks. Since it is an old-fashioned car, hence it needs some protection gear as well. A roll cage, Jamex leather sporting seats and a 30 cm wide Raid steering wheel add up to the protection kit.

Trabant Tuning

Koni shock absorbers are excellent in handling big deflections. Though the car looks awkward sometimes, but handling becomes very good and so does your protection level. Supportive alloy rims, heavy suspensions and a whole new set of round disc brakes can make a lot of difference in your Trabant.

Some subtle touches in the looks would also help a lot. Crystal black colour with some beautiful air brushes can change your car from a regular speed racer to a contemporary queen. The Trabant surely needs more oxygen intake for better combustion. Since the engine is a two-stroke built, hence a new exhaust kit needs to be installed so that the natural performance grows from within. The kit allows better performance and mileage as well.

Trabant has always been one of the most favoured cars on the roads of Germany. Who knows it might just scoop away the streets of Asia as well?

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