Toyota Prius Green by ASI

Hybrid vehicles are getting more and more popular everyday and Toyota Prius has been the king of all hybrids in the past years. That was probably the motivation for Japanese tuner ASI to come up with a tuning kit for it!

ASI calls it the Green and although they say that they’ve upgraded the car’s performance through ECU remapping, no power figures are published yet. Modifying the car’s engine would spoil the whole point of it which is fuel efficiency after all!


As for the visuals though, ASI has done a pretty darn good job. Prius Green features a cool body kit with revised bumpers and huge air intakes and extended sills which add up to the suspension lowering and drops the car closer to the ground even further.

The tuner has also put big black wheels under the car. We have to say though, these changes seem a bit odd on the Prius! This package will be available in Japaneses and American markets.

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