Toyota Avensis Tuning

Since its inception into the market in 1998, Toyota Avensis has shown no signs of failing Toyota. In fact, it has become one of the biggest sellers in the corporation, what with its features that strike a balance between style and substance. Styled as a sedan or a family car, the Toyota Avensis is pretty light for its large body. And it doesn’t go without substance, too. It is actually one of Toyota’s better models, with a speed that other cars can envy upon.

The second generation of Toyota Avensis runs at 124 BHP, with a 6 speed manual gearbox engine. What’s most striking about Toyota Avensis is that despite its relatively impressive performance, it leaves no space for heavy fuel consumption and high carbon emissions. With the good record of Toyota Avensis, tuning it up may be something unimaginable to you. However, good doesn’t always cut it. You want your Avensis to turn from an Average Joe to an outstanding, outperforming car. And wouldn’t it be tempting to have it run 20 to 40% faster and look a lot sleeker? A good Toyota Avensis tuning shall do the trick.

Toyota Avensis Tuning

Toyota Avensis models use 1.6 to 2.0 engines. It also has a turboengine variety which, of course, performs faster than the other engines. To boost the performance of your Avensis, you can use custom superchargers or ECU Chips. Look for an upgrade that will boost not only the speed but also solve the somewhat bothering noise your engine emits. Looking for the right one, though, may be bit of a task. Hence, you must look for the safest but most convenient deal there is. Looking for such may not be a hard thing, if you follow closely the best tips and guidelines.

Also, changing the tires and modifying the body kit may do a lot more than pimp your Avensis. The tires, once worn out, will decrease your car’s efficiency and performance. Customized wheel will do the trick. Overhauling your car’s body will also make it a lot lighter, if you replace the body with a lightweight body kit.

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