Toyota was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda in Japan, and today is one of the most successful car manufacturing companies in the world, along with being the second largest. Furthermore, as GM might be the largest, Toyota ranks above GM for net worth and also for its sales, with revenue that outpaces GM, along with total profit and kept profit. As a spinoff company of the old Toyota Industries, Toyoda produced his first automobile in 1936 called the AA. His father, the head of Toyota Industries, helped to back his son’s research and development and allowed for the manufacturing.

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Toyota has several company brands that it uses, such as Scion, Lexus, and its own name. During the Second World War the company was dedicated to production of Japanese military goods such as the military trucks used across the Empire. Because of the need for mass production the trucks were very easily assembled and extremely simplified in design. The Toyota manufacturing facilities were spared by the Japanese surrender, coming down to the wire – had the Japanese waited the allied command would have bombed the Toyota facility and surrounding infrastructure.

As soon as 1947 Toyota began again to produce domestic vehicles and continued to do so ad infinitum. During the 50’s they entered the U.S. market, well ahead of other Japanese auto makers of the time, and using developed techniques learned from the American automotive industry they soon began production of automobiles at comparable rates. With growing sales and obvious marketability Toyota opened a new R and D department in 1962, and along with that Automobile number 10,000,000 was also produced.

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The 1960’s proved to be a stunning decade for Toyota and Toyoda. Because of the economical cars produced at the time in the late 60’s with their high fuel efficiency when the oil crisis hit the U.S. market Toyota became a primary seller of small and highly efficient vehicles with a larger market share driven to it by the high fuel prices. Along with Toyota of course, came Honda and the others who were also skilled in the economy car that could run with good gas mileage. At the end of the 1980s, in 1989, Toyota launched its first foray into the luxury car market with Lexus – and it was successful. Along with this Toyota began to produce SUVs and also established Scion, along with the famed Hilux/Tundra truck line. Today Toyota continued to develop new technologies and has many prototype and concept vehicles to show every year.

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