Topcar packages for the new Porsche Cayenne

Topcar is a Russian tuner specializing in high-end cars and they are famous for their collaborations with Lumma Design. They are now working on new and exciting upgrade packages for the 2011 Porsche Cayenne.

As for the looks and styling, Topcar provides different levels of modificaitons. The first is called the Advantage 2, and it’s the most outrageous one.


This coupe-SUV will feature exclusive body panels with spoiler and wings and diffuser, but it also features 911 headlights at front. And to make it even more exclusive, Topcar says it’s limited to only 25 units.


The next model is also limited to 25 units and is called the Vantage GTR 2. It also features a sporty body kit with flared arches, spoiler lip, side skirts, roof wings and rear diffuser, but the headlights and most of the panels remain standard!


The most basic model is called the Vantage 2 and it’s not limited at all, front and rare spoiler bumpers, front and rare fender extenders, a bonnet and side skirts.

All models can be had with two new sets of wheels, R21 and R23, special leather interior, and engine power upgrade up to 750 hp.

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