Tire Changer

Whether you own a business or run a small shop, one of the necessary tools to have on hand is a tire changer. Tire changers have come a long way and today’s tire changer systems are more reliable, quicker and usually more affordable. Whether you are changing a car, light truck or SUV tires, a tire changer is the fastest, most affordable and safest way to change them.

The Simplest Way to Remove a Tire from a Rim

Today’s cars require high quality, precision machinery even for basic tasks such as changing tires. Many rims that are used on vehicles today can cost several hundred to thousands of dollars each. In addition, an unbalanced or insecure tire placed back on a rim can have disastrous effects in both safety and fuel economy. A tire changer is a highly practical machine that will not only save labor costs, but remove and replace brand new tires on rims efficiently.

Tire Changer Products

There are many manufacturers of tire changer products, most include a heavy duty electronic motor, a way to stabilize the wheel while being removed and placed back on and both a mounting mechanism and clamping mechanism. Generally speaking, tire changers are easier to use than ever reducing the amount of labor and ultimately boosting productivity.

While there are many types of tire changers available, most will service general commuter automobiles just fine. Others are specialty built for large rigs, high performance sport wheels and motorcycle wheels.

Since tire changers can cost from several hundred dollars (used) to several thousand, almost any shop can afford this highly practical item. If you ever changed a tire by hand, you already know just how difficult and time consuming the process can be. Some of the top companies that build and sell tire changers include Snap On, Hunter Tire Changers and America’s Pride.

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