The International Fame of Formula One Racing

Formula One racing continuously increases in popularity through the years. Its fans also range across different ages. From being a seemingly elitist exclusive sport for wealthy enthusiasts, it has become an international phenomenon, which also welcomes people from different backgrounds.

Perhaps the main reason for its public appeal is the unique physical attributes of the racecars. The most expensive and high-end cars there ever is created can be seen running on F1 race. Not only do racecar constructors pay great attention to car mechanisms but just as well as on the car’s physical appearance. Most cars also tend to be red in color.

Car enthusiasts who also appreciate high-speed driving and its many wonders can definitely appreciate the unique high-performance machines built onto F1 racecars. Drivers usually reach 108mph speeds on track and even more than that. By this, fans get proof of the many high-end characteristics and car details which F1 race cars have always been proud especially when they see these cars zoom past them during each race lap.

Apart from the cars, racetracks can also be an effective means of drawing audiences. Tracks are usually composed of asphalt just as roads and streets are usually made of. The difference, however, lies in its composition as it is made up of exciting and challenging twists and turns which the drivers must be able to endure.

Formula 1 - Race Car Girl

F1 popularity is not just an after-effect of what is seen during the race itself on the track. The merchandise being sold in name of the sport also greatly helps in its marketability and advertising it further. These F1 memorabilia range from jackets, to caps, to t-shirts, and posters as well. Those who have been truly a fan of the sport purchase them even if they cost quite expensive. Those who produce this merchandise are sports car companies whose reputations have also in some way helped make a name for Formula One racing.

Aside from these, the F1 race drivers have also attracted fans on their own and therefore became celebrities in effect. It sure does help that they don sporty race clothes alongside very sporty racecars. The championships of F1 racing have also been well dominated by Europeans, which may probably be the reason why F1 is more popular in Europe and other countries than it is in America. This may also be because F1 has been generally a European-born sport from its early beginnings.

Though America has only been recently getting the hype of F1 racing, it is positively quick in catching up to admire the sport. Racial discrimination is not an issue when it comes to F1 racing. In addition, quite a number of F1 cars are notably seen in races held in America. 19 races were officially recorded and held in the United States for the Formula One event as of 2005. This fact, alongside the sport’s popularity in Asia and Australia just goes to prove how promising F1’s growth and popularity has always been.

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