The Bugatti Veyron – Muscle Head

Oh boy!!! Well that the first thing that you would certainly say when you see this biggie of a car. It has this stealth feature about its entire design that it seems to be spread out like a spider on four legs. Being a sports car the Bugati Veyron has the muscle power and the speed thrills to give you while driving it.
Revving up to 407 km/h in just a few seconds you would definitely feel the thrust of G forces on you much like in a fighter plane. It large front windows give you an awesome sense of control while you are driving in it.
Imagine yourself flowing with the wind at 407km/h and a lions roar being generated by the guzzling engine of this car. Feel like God yet!!! Well this car is certainly a phenomenon in the realm of sports car. You sure can worship this car all your life.

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