The Best Ford Cars To Customize

Making a major purchase on a new or used car is always a thrill. Even more exciting is buying purely for pleasure, throwing caution to the wind and investing in thatLamborghini, Porsche, or Corvette you’ve always dreamed about. Knowing your new ride is waiting for you in thedrivewaycan make every morning feellike Christmas (at least for the first few weeks)! But while a new car quickly becomes familiar, having an entirely factory-modeled vehicle can sometimes feel … impersonal. Sure, it’s a beautiful car, but it’s not a reflection of your personality, quirks, and particular vision. It’s not unique; it could be anybody’s—and that’s just not your style.

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It’s no surprisethatso many people are passionate about customization: it’s all about starting with a great base and truly making it your own. Every automobile manufacturer has at least onegreat go-to model for custom options, and Ford is no exception. The classic, speedy, sleek, and inexpensive Mustang is certainly the most customizable car in their catalogue, with some of the most extensive aftermarket options available. It’s been this way for 50 years—the first Mustang was revealedto great acclaim in 1964 at the New York World Fair—and over the past five decades, the rather iconic Mustang’s gone through facelifts, upgrades, and supercharges to adapt to various markets and to compete with the competition. So whether you’re now on the lookout for a 1000-part V6, a 3000-part GT, or a whopping 8000-part Shelby GT500, a new or used Ford Mustang can quickly become a one-of-a-kind extension of who you are (and how you drive).

If you’re new to the whole world of custom cars, know that starting with a Ford Mustang gives you a superb array of easily implemented surface (cosmetic) choices—meaning you don’t have to get technical to enjoy some differences. If the typical silvers, blacks, and whites aren’t your bag, go big with a striking crimson, baby blue, hot yellow, or even fuschia, pink, or gold (the sky’s the limit when it comes to colour). Alter the roof and spoilerto be aerodynamic or boxy, your hood to be smooth or outfitted with a scoop to channel air to your engine. Play with different rim and colour combinations for your wheels, and get creative with adding stripes, decals, and other touches of personality. Vent-like or smooth decklids, off-colour door handles and fuel doors, and subtle changes to door trims and side mirrors might be up your alley. Change the scoop and side skirt and don’t forget to play with the headlights!

Back in 2010, the Mustang GT had a 315 horsepower V8 engine, which was a modest upgrade from the year before. Fast-forward to 2014, and we’re now talking about a 435 horsepower engine with 400 lb.-ft. of torque—you can do the math, but that’s an increase of 120 horses. With this in mind, many people sensibly feel that the GT engine already packs enough power, but an upgrade to the handling is still a good idea. Look for polyurethane replacement bushings to replace the standard rubber—they’ll feel much more substantial under your feet and they’ll end up lasting longer. Another popular custom choice is to lower your ‘Stang by modifying the suspension. This will certainly give your ride a leaner, meaner look, but remember that lowering the suspension is a major change and has to be done right if you want your car to stay in optimal driving condition—make sure you choose the right springs for the job. In addition, if you love the roar of a car’s engine, you can bypass Ford’s attempt to reduce the Mustang’s noise by removing foam placed in the sound tube connecting the intake and the cabin. This will make your car absolutely shake with vibration and bass-filled growl … if that’s your thing!

No matter what model you choose, there are more options than ever for customized rides online—right now there’s a huge selection of used Ford cars on Kijiji. This extensive online classified database allows independent car owners—people who are passionate about modifications in the garage—the ability to reach a wide audience without the need for a middleman, who’ll ratchet up the price. You’ll be able to find Mustangs that have just rolled off the assembly line with barely any wear and tear to fully tricked-out, completely unique vehicles that may just blow you away—keeping that feeling of Christmas morning flowing long past the first few weeks of ownership. Whatever you’re looking for, the Internet will no doubt have it, so start searching and shopping today,and start getting excited!

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