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2010 Mercedes S-Class by Wald

You must be familiar with Japanese tuner Wald International as we have featured their works hear on Cartuningcentral before. The latest project from this prestigious tuner is a kit for the recently facelifted Mercedes S-Class and unlike the previous models, it’s not elegant and discrete. It’s just too flash! This body kit is massive. The […]

WALD Porsche Panamera

Japanese tuner Wald International is previewing their new body kit specially designed for the amazing Porsche Panamera before they reveal it in full in a major car show. Wald’s Panamera is 110 percent better looking than hte original car thanks to the modified body which comes with new bumpers, spoilers, new sills, rear wings and […]

Wald body kit for Toyota Prius

The new generation of Toyota Prius hybrid came with a cooler, a bit more sporty design than the old model, and for that reason tuners from around the world showed interest into it. The old gen was so boxy and boring that it was litrally impossible to improve its design! This kit you see here […]

2010 Mercedes E-class by WALD

To be honest we don’t like Japanese tuner! But amongst them Wald International is in a a league of its own, mainly because no mater what car they are working on , they always come up with something very very cool for it! and for that reason we love Wald! Black Bison is the name […]