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Mercedes C250 tuned by VATH

Those who buy the Mercedes C-Class with 204 hp four-cylinder engine does not really care about performance but VATH thought maybe this package could tempt them to get in the game! So first off, they offer a power upgrade. With some ECU upgrade and a sport exhaust system as well as high performance air intake, […]

VATH Mercedes G55 AMG

Mercedes specialist VATH has gone berserk with their latest project, which is an overpowered G55 AMG Gelandewagen. The tuner fiddles with the engine, adds a new exhaust system and manifolds, tweaks the ECU, and improves the intercoolers. AS a result, the supercharged V8 churns out a massive 680 hp and 840 nm of torque. That’s […]

VATH Mercedes SLK 55 AMG

The standard Mercedes SLK 55 AMG is powerful enough for most people’s taste, but what VATH has in mind for it, is so desirable that you can’t live with just 450 hp anymore! Because their package offer 565 hp and 770 nm of torque. For this they had to increase the capacity of the engine […]

Mercedes E63 AMG by VATH

German Mercedes specialist tuner VATH has come up with yet another mighty product based on an already powerful AMG car. For their latest project they picked the 2010 Mercedes E63 AMG and gave it a big boost to over 605 hp (standard 525 hp) and 690 nm of torque. This means 0 to 100 km/h […]

VATH Mercedes ML63 AMG Super SUV

585 hp, 690 nm of torque, and 300 km/h top speed. You are definitely thinking a supercar of some kind reading these numbers, but they actually belong to a Mercedes ML! This however is no ordinary SUV in which you do school run or that sorta of things. This is based on a ML63 AMG […]