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GT Mustang

The GT Mustang was first introduced in 1965 (not to be mistaken with the Ford GT by any means) and was one of the more popular high performance vehicles at the time, and remains so today. The first of these to gain wide recognition and fame was the GT-390 Fastback featured in the 1968 film […]

Classic Mustang

The Mustang is a car that has been around since the mid 60’s, well, if you want to get technical 1964 was the beginning of the production line that had a DC alternator, and then later with the true 1965 model it had the AC alternator. The Classic of classics is the 1964 and a […]

Mustang Parts

In search of mustang parts? Need it for your bodykit? Or perhaps your old classic beast is just getting a little tattered around the fender, and you want to find some things to go along – or maybe the internals are sounding a bit sick. Well depending on the year of your Mustang, the part […]

Mustang Tuning

When your Mustangs in a jam, or just sounds kinda’ slammed you may need to get yourself to a shop to have it fixed, however if the beast is slower and is the least amongst the rest perhaps tuning is the option for the best. With the mustang tuning depends on the make, and model, […]

Mustang Babes

Mustang Babes

Mustangs and babes – they go together right? Well it depends actually. If you want to attract babes with your mustang you have to make sure the interior of the car is clean for god’s sake. You can’t expect the PamAm bombshell looking at you seductively to get into a car with three inches of […]