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Hartge BMW 6 Series

With every new BMW model, tuner Hartge come up with an exclusive kit. Here’s their take on the new 6er. It is still a work in progress and the most important part, engine upgrade, is yet to be revealed. But it’s good for those who like some subtle visual upgrades. The car gets Hartge multi […]

Hartge styling kit for BMW Z4

BMW specialist Hartge was one of the first tuners to release an upgrade package for the new generation of the Z4. But they did ot on a bit of hurry so it was not a perfect one! Now tough they took their time and prepared a full body kit for the car which actually looks […]

Hartge BMW X6M

BMW specialist Hartge is probably the first tuner to release an upgrade package for the X6M performance SUV, although their kit is only visual and is also very light! In fact the only tweaks on the body are the new graphics and tuner’s logos. But the main feature of the exterior are the new wheels, […]

BMW X5 xDrive35d Diesel by Hartge

Diesel-powered Sport Utility Vehicles are becoming more and more popular these days  because they offer the same swell driving feel of a big high riding car, yet having the fuel efficiency of a regular sedan. And that’s why more and more tuners are interested in releasing upgrade packages for them, because there’s a great market […]