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girl standing in front of her garage

Storing Your Car for the Long Term

If you own a car and either live in the city where there are no indoor parking spots available or you require a garage in order to work on your vehicle from time to time, storage problems can become an issue.  For many car tuners, having quality space to work quietly on their vehicles without [...]

Man driving on cell phone and eating at the same time

The Best Ways to Communicate While Driving

If you drive a lot, whether commuting back and forth to work or with your family on the weekends, one of the today’s dangers is not paying attention while driving and talking on your phone.  It’s a fact that many accidents occur when people are engaged in a conversation on their phone and not focusing [...]

Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio Options

If you drive in your vehicle, probably commuting many hours to work per week, you are probably looking for ideas to make your trip much more comfortable, less boring and go quicker.  One of the entertainment options that are available to practically anyone living in the US is satellite radio.  While satellite radio is a [...]

Route 66

Cross Country Road Trip with Your Car

One of the joys of owning a car is that you can go where ever your heart desires.  This means for millions of people a road trip.  While the concept of a road trip is not new, there are plenty of gadgets today that make taking one much easier, affordable and convenient.  If you are [...]

BMW on Track

Hitting the Track with Your Vehicle

If you are a car enthusiast and have a vehicle that you are looking to get the most performance and power from, you should definitely consider taking it to the track.  Thousands of car enthusiasts each weekend take their high performance vehicles to the track to experience the thrill of top speed, acceleration and ultimate [...]

Cute blonde girl getting out of her car

Five Best Cars For Teenagers

Many people buy a variety of automobiles for a number of different reasons. Year round vacationers may be in need of a roomy vehicle, regular commuters may place their highest priorities on gas mileage, and a retired couple may seek first and foremost to acquire a car that will last for a number of years. [...]

Huge Traffic Jam

Expand Your Options On How You Get To Work

One of the most expensive and sometimes stressful parts of most people’s days is their commute to and from work. Between the poor conditions of the economy, the cost of fuel and the overall cost of maintaining a vehicle, many workers are always on the lookout for other options regarding how they get to and [...]

Car Fleet

Find Fleet Car Sales

Fleet Car Sales are a wholesale market for cars, where your dream model is available at an affordable rate. To find more information on these fleet car sales and their site of occurrence, visit the online world today! Buying a car is a big decision not only for individuals but for corporate houses as well. [...]

Car Tuning Central Promotional Video

Hi everyone! Well, first of all we’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas, in peace with your family and friends. Second, we’d like to present you with our first promotional video. We know it’s not a state of the art video, still it’s been a nice try and we promise to improve really soon. [...]

All about car shipping

Car shipping is the new business venture of the recent era. However, prior to choosing a company offering such services, you should find all the information in relation to them. This helps you in staying safeguard from scams and losing out on an expensive possession. Car shipping is basically the transportation of any type of [...]