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The Chevy Volt Electric Vehicle Unveiled

The Chevy Volt Electric Vehicle Unveiled

After several years of record breaking fuel prices, many consumers have demanded action from car manufacturers to deliver vehicles that are more fuel efficient.  One of the earliest vehicles on the market that became incredibly successful due to its fuel economy is the Toyota Prius.  As General Motors saw a big chunk of their market […]

Modding Your Car for Better Gas Mileage

With gas prices at the highest levels ever, it is a no-brainer that while many modify and tune their cars for speed and performance, others find themselves tuning their cars for economy and gas mileage.  The good news is that almost anyone and any vehicle can be modified to save on gas.  Most modifications are […]

Buy a Car - A motorcycle may not be good enough to spare gas

Buy a Car – A motorcycle may not be good enough to spare gas

The price of fuel is affecting many people nationwide in a very negative way. Individuals are having a hard time affording gas for their daily commute to work, families are finding it difficult to afford all the gas it would take to go on the same type of vacation they could just a few short […]

Benefits Of Hybrid Powered Vehicles

Benefits Of Hybrid Powered Vehicles

With the price of fuel and the increased emphasis on environmentally friendly vehicles, there has been a lot of attention put recently on hybrid powered vehicles. The appeal of hybrid powered vehicles is focused on those that are environmentally concerned, those that are concerned with the price of fuel, and those that are politically concerned […]

Fuel Economy

Fuel Economy

With today’s sky high gas prices, drivers are more and more interested in ways on achieving better fuel economy. It should be noted that the average driver can save lots of fuel just by making a few changes to the way they drive and maintain their vehicle. Here are just some of the more popular […]

Electric Cars

Electric Cars

Electric Cars – A New Age Vehicle One of the biggest benefits of electric cars is that they are environment friendly and cause less of pollution. Also, their feature of energy efficiency has made them much in demand today. An electric car is powered by either fuel cells or an electric motor. The rechargeable batteries […]

Save Gas – Get your Tires inflated with Nitrogen

Somewhen in 2008, gas prices are soaring, so what do you do? Do you drive a car? Are you worried with gas mileage? Well, you should, people are trying to get more and more fuel efficient cars, taking less useless road trips, and they do anything they can just to reduce the money they spend […]

Hybrid Cars - Things You Should Know About

Hybrid Cars – Things You Should Know About

One of the more popular things in the automobile world of late is all of the talk about Hybrid cars. A standard Hybrid automobile uses multiple motors, one powered by gasoline and one by electricity, so that neither is overloaded by demands of the functions of the vehicle. The presence of the electric motor reduces […]

Water Fuel

Water Fuel technology has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and it’s simplicity and efficient performance are just one of the many reasons why more and more people are tuning in to adopt this technique. Unlike the fossil fuels that are in use at the moment, water4gas technique does not result in any […]

Don’t Waste Time Driving Around To The Cheapest Gas Station

Fuel prices keep rising, in fact they are at a level now that some would’ve found hard to believe just a few months ago. The huge rise in fuel prices have affected more than driving habits, this cost increase trickles down to other areas of the economy as well. Because of a higher cost in […]