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BMW M3 GTS by G-Power

You might have heard abut this unique BMW M3 GTS by heavy weight tuner G-power, but this time we have full details. The official output of this car is rated at a massive 635 hp, a huge improvement over the standard 450 hp. A version of the renowned and globally proven G-POWER M3 “Sporty Drive” […]


This the latest tuning package for BMW X6 from G-Power, and it breaks all boundaries! Honestly it looks like there’s no limit for them. Just check out these numbers: 900 hp, 860 Nm of torque, top speed 330 km/h and price 675,000 euros. This Typhoon RD BMW X6M is a super special one, and it […]

G-Power presents M3 GT2S and Tornado CS Clubsport

As one of the oldest BMW tuners, G-power is paying tribute to their victory at this year’s Nurburgring 24 hours race by revealing a pair of hotted-up BMW M3s. Called theĀ  GT2 S and Tornado Clubsport CS, both cars are powered by a 600 hp and 580 Nm of torque supercharged V8 engine. This V8 […]


G-Power is one of the finest BMW tuners, but apparently they don’t like the new X5M because they just launched a new program called TYPHOON Black Pearl, in which they turn the ordinary X5 into something that eats the X5M for breakfast! The Black Pearl is powered by a 4.8 literV8 engine which is boosted […]

G-POWER supercharger for BMW Z4 and 330i

G-POWER is known as one of the most insane BMW tuners with a huge obsession for horsepower! SO even when they don’t feel like it to design kits and decorate cars, they just spend time making new superchargers or ECU upgrades for more power. And here’s a new one! The G-POWER SK Plus NG supercharger […]