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Car Tuning Central New Promotional Video

It’s been quite some time since we’ve wanted to have a good Car Tuning Central Promotional video, but it looks like this time we might have found something that pleases us. A couple of weeks ago I’ve requested the following video from a media company; its objective was to catch your eye and grab your [...]

In Car DVD

How to Install a Car DVD?

It is easy to get bored over the limited songs available over the stereo in your car, which prompts you to consider taking up a DVD player. Go ahead and do it, as you would be guided along with step by step instructions to carry out the process with relative ease, as though you had [...]

Car Tuning Show – Portugal

Very nice video with the latest images of a cartuning show in Portugal! (Porto Tuning Motor Show) You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video Have Fun!

Saab 9-7X 2008 - SUV

Saab 9-7X 2008 – The Affordable Luxury SUV

The luxury SUV market is very competitive, though it is also quite new in terms of the types of vehicles made for consumers to drive. The vehicles are made for driving off road, or driving in adverse weather, but they are also made for the more selective and well-to-do buyer. The purchaser of a luxury [...]

Car Computer

Car Computer

Today, computers are a part of almost all aspects of our daily life and this includes cars. Technology has changed the ways drivers operate their cars. Generally speaking, there are two types of car computers. The first are categorized as ECU (electronic control units). These small computers run many parts of our engine and other [...]

Back Seat DVD Players

Think About This Before You Purchase Your In Car DVD System

Many times, especially during longer commutes and driving vacations, we’ve all wished we had a little something extra on board our vehicles that would provide some much needed entertainment value. This is true if it aimed at the driver or the passengers. A more entertaining drive can make any trip more bearable. With all of [...]