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Volkswagen Bora Tuning

VW Bora Tuning

Car tuning has changed the face of a factory manufactured vehicle to something flashier and sleeker. It has made cars both aesthetically and functionally improved overall and the VW Bora is no exception. Many hobbyists, mostly male enthusiasts, have made this both a hobby and an industry. After Toyota, Ford and GM, VM comes next […]

Volkswagen Lupo Tuning

VW Lupo Tuning

Volkswagen manufactured Lupo for about 13 years from 1998-2005. As one of top four leading car manufacturers, Volkswagen continues to innovate and experiment with variations of cars including this city car known as Lupo. This was replaced eventually by the VW Fox. Hot Hatch With majority of car models produced geared towards bigger and heavier […]

Volkswagen Golf Tuning

VW Golf Tuning

The VW Golf series is the next car to capture people’s attention after the classic VW Beetle. The excellent engine and lightweight built of the unit made it a VW car to be considered. In general, the unit is pretty responsive and easy to handle. If you are looking for a VW Golf to tune […]

Toyota Corolla Tuning

Toyota Corolla Tuning

The Toyota Corolla is a classic. Having sold more units than most cars, the Toyota Corolla can comfortably be called one of the most reliable, efficient and economical cars in the market. Reliable, because it has been in production for so long a time; efficient, because it runs normally enough without need for tuning; and […]

Toyota Avensis Tuning

Toyota Avensis Tuning

Since its inception into the market in 1998, Toyota Avensis has shown no signs of failing Toyota. In fact, it has become one of the biggest sellers in the corporation, what with its features that strike a balance between style and substance. Styled as a sedan or a family car, the Toyota Avensis is pretty […]

Toyota Tuning

Toyota Tuning

Toyota is the recognized leading manufacturer of automobiles all over the world. In this industry, Japan has made itself the leader since it started back in 1937. This long history in automobile has made them the primary mover and shaker in the industry. People from all over the world continue to purchase cars made by […]

Volkswagen Polo Tuning - VW

VW Polo Tuning

The Volkswagen Polo is basically designed to be a family car. The VW Polo is also compact, economical and driver friendly. And at the same time, the VW Polo is also fun and rewarding to tune-up. But before you consider tuning a VW Polo, it is prudent to get the right version equipped with the […]

Car Stickers Collage

Car stickers

Car stickers to make the vehicle look nicer have been around since transparent plastic was able to be made into good sticker quality materials. You don’t want a sticker that will eventually crumple up and look nasty – and also you want to be careful when you are applying your car stickers. Air bubbles leave […]