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2009 Tesla Roadster

2009 Tesla Roadster

Tesla has earned plenty of press over the last few years when gas prices soared and more and more people started ditching their SUV’s for more fuel efficient vehicles.  While hybrid vehicles have performed quite well, most say the real goal is all electric vehicles.  Unfortunately, all electric vehicles are not only quite expensive, but [...]

Lincoln MKZ 2009

2009 Lincoln MKZ

The Lincoln brand name has always meant American luxury and while the heyday of the Lincoln brand name may have been the 1960’s, there are plenty of vehicles such as the Continental and the Lincoln Navigator that have made a name for itself and for the brand in the past couple of decades.  With 2009 [...]

BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe

BMW 1 Series 135i Coupe

BMW makes plenty of sporty vehicles that are perfect for hitting the road in style.  While the 3 series has definitely made a name for itself for being pretty affordable, while offering lots of power, the new 1 series is not only new to the scene, but also offers plenty of performance at an affordable [...]

Mercedes CL 600

Enjoy Ultimate Luxury with the Mercedes CL 600

For those that are looking for the ultimate luxury vehicle, the Mercedes CL 600 is perhaps the closest car to this pinnacle.  The CL 600 not only offers an extremely elegant exterior with very nicely done sophisticated lines, but also offers incredible luxuries inside along with a very powerful engine that even in a luxury [...]

Ford Fusion

Checking Out The 2009 Ford Fusion

When it comes to looking for a midsize sedan that combines good looks with excellent value, a car shopper can do no wrong when they look into purchasing the 2009 Ford Fusion. The Ford Fusion has a reputation for meeting and exceeding the expectations of car lovers every where. The car has all that is [...]

Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima 3.5 SE Coupe

While we all love exotic sports cars, many of us will never be able to afford them.  And while there is no shame in this fact, there are plenty of vehicles that are manufactured each year that not only fit into most car enthusiast’s budgets, but also deliver a lot of bang for the buck.  [...]

Aston Martin V8 Vantage N400

Aston Martin V8 Vantage

Aston Martin is of course the first choice for James Bond in many of his movies, but also an extremely stylish, refined and powerful vehicle.  While there are many exotic vehicles with plenty of brash and muscle to put Aston Martin to the sideline, Aston Martin continues to create vehicles that even though they are [...]

Women at the gas station filling her car with gasoline

Five Great Fuel Efficient Cars On The Market Today

With the price of fuel so high, along with everything else for that matter, many people who are in the market for buying a new car have decided to turn their attention to the most fuel efficient cars on the market today. When cutting back on the amount of driving isn’t possible, many people’s only [...]

Lexus IS F

Lexus IS F

While Lexus has made quite a name for itself building high quality luxury vehicles that usually offer nice styling and decent performance, the Lexus IS F is definitely not your typical Lexus.  In fact, this vehicle while offering plenty of power, aggressive styling and a hard ride is more of a beast than the usual [...]

Ferrari F430 - 2008

2008 Ferrari F430

Has Ferrari ever created a bad car, probably not.  For 2008, the Ferrari F430 continues to impress big time on practically all areas including styling, performance, interior and power.  The F430 takes the baton where the Mondena leaves off and after a few years, this car has made a name for itself by offering truly [...]