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SSC Ultimate Aero

Ultimate Aero is a mid engine sports car produced by the U.S automaker Shelby Super Cars (SSC). Ultimate Aero has claimed the title of the fastest production car in the world with a top speed of 256 mph (412 kmph). It is higher end performance car whose production is only limited. The Aero model was [...]

Sports Car

The term sports car refers to a small car having a high powered engine which normally carries two persons. The sports cars are exclusively known for its extra ordinary performance, eye catching design and its lightning speed. Almost all the sports cars are having a back wheel drive and will be designed with two seats [...]

Street Racing Dangers

The Dangers Of Street Racing

One of the more dangerous activities that any driver can participate in is the participation in a street racing event. Street racing is not a new phenomenon, but with newer technology and faster cars being accessible to more and more younger people these days, it has developed into a much larger problem than it has [...]

Car Spoiler


Spoilers are usually made of fiberglass and its original application was made for racing cars. Racings cars have to keep themselves grounded as much as possible while moving at high speed across straight and curving tracks. The spoilers produce a downward force on the car allowing it to grip the surface even at slippery conditions. [...]

The International World of Formula One Racing

The list of racetracks Formula One racing currently has ultimately makes it an international sport. Since 1991, the Circuit De Catalunya from Spain has been a part of Formula One. Its length underwent changes through the years. In Melbourne Australia, the Alberta Park Grand Prix Circuit was built and has been established as an F1 [...]

2 Beautiful GirlsSitting on a Formula 1 Car

F1 Racing Through The Years

Formula One is considered to be the premier motor sport from over the past century until recent times. It has fans in 200 countries all over the world, in different race circuits. It dates back from its roots–the European Grand Prix racing. Although auto racing dates far back before the war period, the first ever [...]

Street Racing – Complete Guide

Street Racing – Complete Guide

Street racing is an illegal auto racing sport in which two or more drivers race on public roads amongst other vehicles. Be cause of the risks involved it is illegal in almost every country worldwide, with punishments ranging from high fines to jail time. The inherent risk is that a vehicle in the race will [...]

Street Racing Tragedy

Street Racing Tragedy

We’re sorry to announce that a recent street race ended in tragedy, after 8 people got killed in a car accident in Maryland, US. According to CNN, over 50 people were watching a race between 2 cars, when a car with its lights off came and hit the crowd. The Car Tuning Central would like [...]

The People Behind Formula One Racing

Formula One racing is certainly not a one-man show. A great driver owes a lot to a great team who supports him while on track. These teams do not start and end on those who are present on the pit stops. They range from pit crewmembers to sponsors just to name a few. Team Ferrari, [...]

General Safety Guidelines for Race Drivers

General Safety Guidelines for Race Drivers

Car racing is a very empowering sport. The feeling of adrenalin rush is just too great to be ignored. But racing is a dangerous game. Danger always lurks where abundance of speed is present. Accidents happen in just a blink of an eye and when people’s lives are involved, second chances don’t come often. Anybody [...]