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Ho a Car Heater Works

How A Car Heater Works

Ever wonder how your car heater works? Well, in this article, we will discuss how most car heater works. Car heaters have three main parts: the cooling system, the heater core and the blower fan & duct system. We are going to tackle these three parts in order to understand how a regular car heater [...]

Nitrous Oxide Kit

Nitrous Oxide Kits

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you probably know all about nitrous oxide or at least seen it action in your favorite racing movie.  However, nitros oxide is not a Hollywood tall tale, it is a legitimate way and in many municipalities, still a legal way to boost the performance of your vehicle. What [...]

Affordable Performance Modifications

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, but don’t have a large budget to modify your vehicle, you should know that there are plenty of options available- even with a small bankroll. While many companies make you think that in order to compete you need to spend a lot, the truth of the matter is [...]

Car Cargo Space

Getting More Cargo Space from Your Car

If you use your car to carry lots of stuff whether it is groceries, merchandise for a small business, sporting equipment, your dog or tools you probably are looking for ways to enhance your car’s storage capability.  While cars offer plenty of storage options, they are definitely not as roomy as minivans, SUV’s or pick [...]

Best Oil to Use for Your Car

Motor oil is extremely important to help lubricate your engine.  Without it, your engine would immediately seize up and be a worthless piece of metal.  If you visited your auto parts store recently, you have probably noticed a wide variety of motor oil being offered. So which one is best to use- here is a [...]

Sexy blonde in front of a car with nice colourful led lights

LED Light Accessories for Your Car

Over the years, new technologies have emerged which not only can make your vehicle look much better and add functionality, but also make it much safer.  One of the innovations that have hit the after market car industry is LED lighting.  Today, you can purchase LED lighting which are not only more energy efficient than [...]

Best Gadgets for Car Commuters

If you commute back and forth to work each day, you probably not only spend hours on end to get to work each month, but the time in traffic can be quite boring to say the least.  If you are looking for a way to make your commutes more convenient and comfortable here are a [...]

Turbo Racing Mirrors

Racing Mirrors

Years ago, most vehicles came with only a driver’s side mirror and a rearview mirror.  It seems crazy these days not to have a passenger side mirror on your vehicle and many drivers use other types of mirrors in their vehicle to see the road and traffic for safe, as well as performance driving.  If [...]

Dealing With Hard-to-Reach Spark Plugs

With all the engine parts crammed under the hoods of cars, it can be difficult to get at those spark plugs and even when they can be reached easily, they may be hard to remove. Here are a few tips on removing those spark plugs: Almost every car has at least a spark plug that [...]

Deciding if You Should Change the Spark Plugs Yourself

Many newest cars have engine arrangement that makes access to spark plugs difficult. Improper plug changing procedures can ruin the wires of spark plug and the cylinder heads threads. Take the precautions below very seriously before choosing whether or not to proceed. Even if only one condition mentioned below matches your car (and they are [...]