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girl standing in front of her garage

Storing Your Car for the Long Term

If you own a car and either live in the city where there are no indoor parking spots available or you require a garage in order to work on your vehicle from time to time, storage problems can become an issue.  For many car tuners, having quality space to work quietly on their vehicles without [...]

Cut the Cost of Maintenance on Your Vehicle

If you own a car, you probably already know just how expensive it can be to keep it maintained properly and on the road.  Many drivers just don’t realize how expensive owning a car can be until they finally start driving their vehicle under normal conditions.  Since maintenance can be a big chunk of the [...]

The Cost of Owning a Car

If you have a car, you probably already know that the cost of owning a vehicle is much more money that the price you paid for it at the dealer or used car lot.  There are many different components that go into calculating the cost of owning a car and for those looking to buy [...]

Car Chip

Easy Ways to Increase Power to Your Vehicle

For many of us car tuning enthusiasts, we are always looking to increase the power of our vehicles.  While today’s stock vehicles come with sometimes twice as much horsepower as only 20 years ago, you can never have too much power beckoning at your foot.  For those constantly looking for easy ways that are usually [...]

Lexus Car Lights

Add Lighting to Your Car

Lights always draw attention and having the right lights not only make your vehicle look great, but also in many cases help you see the road much better and make your driving experience much more safer.  Whether you are driving in the city, on the highway or on rural state roads, choosing great lighting for [...]

Car Solid Colors

Fresh Paint for Your Car

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than a new paint job and if you are looking to enhance your car’s exterior appeal, you usually can’t do wrong by either painting your vehicle or having it painted professionally.  While not everyone has the space and equipment to paint their car, it is easier than ever [...]

Red Car Detailing

Detailing Tips for Your Car

If you got a car that you love, you probably get great pride when your vehicle is nice and clean and gleaming on the street.  While its easy to bring your vehicle to the car wash or even get a pail and sponge and clean your car yourself, it’s also a nice touch and sometimes [...]

Car Scents

Car Scents Add Personality to Your Car

In this blog post, I am talking to the young guys out there that have nice wheels.  If you have a nice girlfriend or looking for some new female companionship, besides having a nice clean car both in and out, make sure that your vehicle smells good.  You don’t need it to smell like flowers, [...]

Tire Pressure

Driver Habits and Tire Wear

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, besides knowing lots about your engine, one item that can really have an impact on your overall vehicle’s performance is the tires.  Tires are the only thing touching the road from your vehicle, so how they respond is incredibly important.  Besides keeping your tires well maintained there are [...]

Smart covered with snow

Winter Preparation for Your Car

Winter is finally here, at least in the northern hemisphere, you guys in Oz will just have to wait a few more months.  And with winter comes plenty of hassles not only in driving, but operating your vehicle.  As safety is the most important component to driving your vehicle, there are plenty of common sense [...]