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Car Sleep Alert

Car Sleep Alert

How many road-accidents have been caused by drivers who fall asleep while stepping on the gas? How many cautious drivers and pedestrians alike get involved in accidents because they have been run over by a sleeping driver? How many drivers are aware that they are sleepy, seconds before they have actually closed their eyes? How [...]

Garmin Pocket GPS

Pocket Vehicle GPS Navigator

The science of map-making really have indeed gone a long way. Gone are the days of having to pull over and spreading out a one-meter-by-one-meter paper map just to find the nearest route to your destination. Missing a turn or a knocked-down street sign is enough to spell disaster. Fortunately, that is already a thing [...]

Remote Car Starter - Winter

Remote Car Starter

Remember how you enjoyed your remote controlled toy cars in your younger years? As a matter of fact, even big boys still craze and spend time playing with remote controlled cars. Nothing beats the feeling and pride of having the power to control things with your fingertips. Re-live the thrill brought by your toy cars [...]

9500i Diagram

Escort Passport 9500i: Top of the Line Radar Detector

For those that are into speed, its always good to have a high quality radar detector riding shotgun to keep you on your toes just in case you exceed the speed limit.  While it’s very easy to find yourself a few miles over the speed limit in many finely tune vehicles, a high quality radar [...]

Car Bra - Floer Detail

Car Bras

Have you ever seen a masked car? You’ve probably seen this cool design on sports cars like the Porsche and Lamborghini but a lot of car owners have also started using it. First of all, its use is functional. It is to protect the hood of the car but because of the queer design, it [...]

Car Camera Set

Car Cameras

Digital cameras have not only revolutionized the way we take pictures of our friends and family, but also many of the ways we drive. Digital cameras have increased in use exponentially in the last decade. First digital cameras became popular as webcams, then on mobile phones and now as a standard feature in many types [...]

Car Security Systems

While many vehicles offer security accessories, for those that want full protection against theft or damage to their vehicle, cargo and the passengers they carry a comprehensive car security system is usually a good idea and purchase. Car security systems include a variety of features and while each system can be different, many include the [...]

Car Tuning Central Won the Contest!

Hurray! Car Tuning Central just won the Coolest Gadget of the week contest hosted by Coolest Gadgets (the best gadgets site in the world) This is just a quick note to let you know that we got 26% of the total votes, which means the readers loved our internet car gadget! Thank you all and [...]

Coolest Gadget Contest Entry

Well, this is the 3rd week in a row we’re entering the Coolest Gadget of the week contest. Results so far have been…well… not good ! Feel free to check the contest here and vote for your favorite gadget. Car Tuning Central entry is the “ Broadband Internet in your Car “, so feel free [...]

Broadband Internet in your car

Broadband Internet in your Car

Ever since man have had invaded the cyberspace, internet connection has become a necessity. Before, people on the go have to contend with cell phone internet just to keep themselves connected. But now, high-speed broadband internet has also been made available in cars, with or without a laptop! Have a broadband internet installed in your [...]