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Car Cover

Why You Should Use A Car Cover To Protect Your Vehicle

It is common knowledge that other than a person’s house, their car is their biggest investment. This is true for people with economy cars and luxury cars alike. Then there are people that collect cars or for one reason or another have multiple vehicles. These people too have a significant amount of money invested in [...]

Car Backup Camera Set

How to Install a Back up Camera in the Car?

Owning a car needs the fulfillment of one of the most important needs and that’s for sure, is safety. If this need is not implemented, many serious accidents can be and have been caused. When you car has left the driveway, it’s time that you need to get cautious while driving. Who knows where children [...]

Car Air Horns

Car / Air Horns

You know what a car horn is for when you suddenly need to step on the brakes and grab somebody’s attention loudly. Car horns are supposed to shatter even the most complacent person to act in a manner that will help avoid accidents or save lives. There are different types of car horns available but most [...]

MP3 Car Radio

After Market MP3 Sound Systems

Music is incredibly important to most drivers.  Whether you are driving on the highway or waiting for your girlfriend to get out of class, you can’t beat having a whole bunch of tunes in your car to pull up at a second’s notice.  Unfortunately, many of today’s car makers are really slow to give most [...]


After Market GPS Kits

With technology moving at light speed, today’s car owners have the advantage of electronics that just a few years ago seemed an impossible dream.  One of these incredible technologies that is now common place in most vehicles is GPS.  With GPS, you can instantly get driving directions to practically any location in the country.  And [...]

Car Air Ducts

Air Ducts

Air ducts make any car look real cool when you put it on each side of your car. Usually found at the rear, near the right rear wells. They were first adapted for racing coupes. The concept is to make a stylish but aerodynamic design on the side that allows air to flow out from [...]

Hub Caps

Hub Caps

When you bought your car chances are it had a regular looking hub caps or none at all. A lot of serious car “aficionados” like to dress up their cars and they start first at the wheel. It’s important for any car owner to know how to buy a hub cap that fits his wheel. [...]

Grille Inserts

Grille Inserts

Grille inserts protects the radiator from bugs and debris, the cooling fan of the vehicle, and the internal engine components. The protective edging also protects the car’s grill from scratches. It includes the billet grilles or bumper grilles. Grille inserts are usually used by race car drivers, cross road and driving enthusiasts where they serve a [...]

Window Visors

Window Visors

Don’t you hate it when the rain pours and sometimes it rains so hard you can’t see the back from your side view mirror? That’s because the rain is constantly pounding fiercely so you can hardly see past the continuous drops onto the mirror outside. Some driver’s like to keep their windows open during the [...]



Don’t you just hate running into your car and find it oven-hot? My, you could even pop cheesy popcorn on the dashboard! Shaded parking spaces are very hard to find, more so for the free shaded parking space. So, almost always, you end up parking the car under the searing heat of the sun. You [...]