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Single-Payment Lease

When you lease a vehicle, there are two things to consider in determining your monthly dues and other fees involved in leasing. The first thing to take into account is its depreciation value. The depreciation charge is the value lost during the duration of your lease. Depreciation charges are included in monthly dues. The second […]

Buy or Lease?

To own your own car, you can either buy it or lease it. There is a significant difference between buying a car and just leasing one. Both however, can benefit you in a number of ways. The most important thing to consider when deciding if you should buy a car or lease one is your […]

Buy a Car at the End of Your Lease

Going on test drives are one of the things that car buyers take into consideration before fully making up their minds whether they are purchasing the car or not. Auto lease clients also do the same thing. The only thing different would be the duration of the test drive. Most car dealers allow a certain […]

Benefits of Auto Leasing

Leasing is one way to somewhat have your own car. There are a number of good reasons as to why leasing would be more practical than purchasing your own car. Some car deals offer cash-back guarantees, or good deals just for drivers to purchase a car. Yet, even if these are rational and great deals […]

Auto Leasing Trade

Auto lease companies implement fees or charges for lease contracts. Fees at the beginning of the contract include acquisition fees, license fees, registration, and a security deposit and at the beginning of the lease contract, leasers are subjected to pay a disposition fee and a termination fee in case they choose to end their contract […]

Auto Leasing Scams

In 2006, The Internet Crime Complaint Center obtained two hundred seven thousand four hundred ninety-two (207,492) complaints. The complaints that most Internet users file are scams, Internet auction frauds, non-delivered merchandise, or payments that are never made. That same year, Internet auction fraud was considered the highest offense, having about forty-four point nine percent (44.9%) […]

Auto Leasing Glossary

It is essential to educate yourself about everything there is to know about leasing a vehicle before signing with any auto lease companies. Read as much articles as you can and gather opinions and comments from different people. Another vital task before signing a lease is to know the terms and conditions as well as […]

Auto Insurance and Leasing

Many would advise to sign lease contracts with your current auto insurance company. However, some cases might end up making you pay more than enough for the coverage. Try to look somewhere else for lower rates to help you find reasonable lease contracts. You can try going online or walking in some car dealers to […]

Used Car Financing

Buying a used car can be costly. While used cars are generally cheaper than buying a car that is new, many still can cost from several thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. One of the popular ways to purchase a new car is with used car financing. Generally speaking, used car financing is […]

New Car Financing

For millions of car shoppers, the easiest way to purchase a vehicle is with new car financing. New car financing is a multi-billion dollar industry helping many individuals and families drive the vehicle of their dreams. With cars, trucks and SUV’s costing tens of thousands of dollars, most car shoppers would be unable to purchase […]