Switzer lowers Porsche Cayenne electronically!

Switzer Performance is an American tuner specializing in Porsche, and they are good. Some of their power-crazed 911s are amongst the best we’ve ever seen, and now they decided to fiddle with the big Cayenne.

Now, I’m not sure about you, but when I buy a SUV the least I wanna get is good ground clearance and a high, commanding driving position. But Switzer has come up with an electronic module which will reduces the ride height in Porsche Cayennes equipped with AdaptiveĀ air suspension. Why?!


We guess that they have done it for funzzies! Because they give you an interface inside the cabin by which you can play with the car’s height! In the maximum attack mode, this system can drop the car by over 50mm. And it’s all done digitally, no cutting, drilling or wiring is necessary. It’s still hard to get their point though!

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