Superchips package for Golf GTI Mk6

British tuner Superchips has once again proved their incredible talent in modifying every kind of ECUs and extracting more power out of them!

This time they have picked a Golf GTI mk6 and updated it with a new engine management software which is very easy to install and increase the peak power by 25bhp and 47lb.ft of torque. However larger performance gains are realized throughout the rev range, with the Superchip’s Bluefin upgrade picking up 44bhp at 4737rpm and 53lb.ft @ 4450rpm.


So with a total 233bhp and 253lb.ft of torque, Superchips believes that their GTI is a rival for the newly introduced Golf R. Although the R has 267hp, but because of its 4-wheel-drive system, it is quit a bit heavier than the GTi, and therefore the latter has a higher power-to-weight ratio.

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