Supercars, as they are popularly known, are those cars which are said to be early of their times. A car is said to be a Supercar when its performance and structure is highly advanced in comparison with its competitors. A car when termed a Supercar, is termed for that era only. It is not essential that it may prove its authority over others in the near times. Some car enthusiasts also term exotic, rare or extraordinary cars as Supercars.

Supercars are not designed specifically for racing tracks. Most of them are designed for normal roads, but due to their classy performance, they are often modified to sports cars. The exotic cars too are supercars, when the value of the car is taken into account , when comparison is taken place.

Branding a car as Supercar is highly disputed and debatable. While the specialists debate on the build, performance, speed, acceleration and handling, for a car enthusiast, every car is a Supercar, if it attracts the masses.

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