Speedart Titan DTR Porsche Cayenne Diesel

Porsche Cayenne Diesel is one of those cars that have a very good market for tuning and accessories. You see it’s the most affordable model of the Cayenne range and is equipped with a 3.0 liter diesel, so technically it’s pathetic But with some modifications, no one will ever notice its real identity!

Here’s the Speedart program for this big SUV and it’s a rather complete package. They give the car more power and a striking exterior with a sporty and cool cabin.


Cayenne Diesel V6 engine in the Speedart DTR develops 280 hp, but they can increase it to 290 hp for you just by doing some tricks on the cars electronics. However if you want the full beef you should spend more money on a bigger turbo which gives you 310 hp and more than 650 nm of torque.

The sound of this diesel engine is also improved using a new exhaust system with sport mufflers. The car is also fitted with 368 mm brake discs to cope with the extra power.

The appearance of the Cayenne Diesel is also heavily tricked out. The tuner installs a full body kit on the car consisting of revised bumpers with new air intakes, spoilers, fog lamps and daytime LED lights at front, side steps, roof spoiler and sport rear bumper.

Speedart Cayenne DTR has 22-inch alloy wheels which can be had with 275 or 295 tires. This set of wheels cost 3150 euros and change the looks of the car in combination with the modified adjustable air suspension which lowers the car.


For the interior Speedart offers sport steering wheel, new sport dials and a blend of leather and alcantara upholstery plus aluminum detailing.

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