Smart Braubs Tailor Made

Although it might seem a bit too small for a company like Brabus to back up a personalization program for a car like the Smart, but since they have already done a fabulous job pimping this little fella, it makes sense to extend the program.

The smart Brabus tailor made has been unveiled at the 63rd Frankfurt Motor Show, and in essence it gives you endless options to decorate the exterior and interior of your Smart, based on your desired specs.


There are 18 new colors in addition to six colors for the roof, so every body can make his or her (most likely her!) fancy theme out of these colors. For the interior too you have the customize your door handles, instrument cluster, dials and light/wiper lever, which also can be had in the same color as the body.

Smart tailor made by Brabus will go on sale in winter 2010.

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