Showcase Car Lift Systems

Showcase car lift systems are structures that lift vehicles generally for commercial or collector purposes. These showcase car lift systems are not created to store vehicles or to allow easy access to a vehicle when it requires maintenance, instead a showcase car lift system is a structure that is created to increase a vehicle’s stature and appearance.

If you have ever been to a car show or car dealership, some vehicles will be raised off the ground to instantly attract attention. These car lifts systems are usually not the focus of attention- the goal is to make the vehicle look as if it is on a pedestal or floating in mid air. Showcase car lifts can be made from a variety of materials to hide the general industrial or garage style look of a normal car lift. Many showcase car lift systems usually use a center support beam that has a wide ramp to support the vehicle allowing its wheel’s to be free and clear of any structure. Most showcase car lift systems usually use an electric/hydraulic method to raise the vehicle, however if the vehicle only requires a small to moderate rise in height (6 to 48 inches) then a mechanical car lift can also do the trick.

Obviously showcase car lifts can be expensive, especially if they are specifically designed for an event or car, however since many showcase car lifts do not include electric/hydraulic power and only raise a vehicle a small amount, many can be surprisingly affordable.

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