Founded in 1950 with the help of another popular automobile manufacturer, Fiat, Seat emerged onto the scene headquartered in Matorell, and that would be in Spain. Their products mostly consist of Touring cars and currently they employ around fifteen thousand people and are now a child company of the great and mighty Volkswagen. SEAT not only manufactures their own vehicles but since they have been owned by Volkswagen some of the latest and more exciting designs like the Audi, and in addition to that their recent SEAT Leon has been seen as superior in aesthetics and design to other VW vehicles.

Seat Logo

In the beginning the company first was manufacturing rebadged vehicles that were pretty much identical to the originals under Fiat; later on through they began to do their own product development. Their first car with the SEAT factory and designers behind it at 100% was called the Ronda, and it was manufactured initially in 1982. It was a redesign of the Ritmo by Fiat, but it was not a rebadged car – and this sparked Fiat to sue SEAT over it. They claimed it was too similar; however the CEO went to the press with images of the Ronda with all different parts colored in to show how different the Ronda was.

Seat Cupra GT

Fiat then withdrew from SEAT and Volkswagen entered the stage, signing agreements with SEAT and becoming a major shareholder – then full shareholder. Currently there are several concept models on the way along with a large line of current models. Two of the much anticipated concept cars are the SEAT Formula car and the SEAT Tribu car. The Tribu is a crossover vehicle planned to go into production in 2009 and released, it is a stylish vehicle that brings the sporting look to the SUV market – and so far has been praised by most people at the shows that it appears at.

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