Saturn was created in 1985 as a response to the success of the Japanese automakers in the United States market, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of GM, and later on became the replacement for Oldsmobile after Oldsmobile was discontinued and scrapped out of pure fiscal reasons. If anyone remembers or knows about the early space program they will know that the Apollo Missions used the Saturn V rockets to make it to the mood – it is for this rocket that the company takes it esteemed name.

Saturn Logo

Saturn started with 99 people in 1982 that would create the new company, these 99 came from other areas of the automotive industry and were put together to create a new kind and style of company that would be more buyer friendly. Thus they came out with Saturn, and stationed it initially in Tennessee until 2007.

2009 Saturn Sky

One of the developments from this melding of minds was the first company wide policy of no-haggle amongst the GM owned automobile brands. Following the formation of this policy sales have been strong and vehicles are usually sold at the MSRP price, whilst customer satisfaction ratings remain high, in fact some of the highest in the entire industry. The car manufacturer has also won several awards related to their environmentally friendly policies and their lack of polymer based products for the sides of vehicles, specifically on the paneling on many of their vehicles.

In 2005 the first non-polymer based side-paneled vehicle was the Saturn Relay, a minivan that was recently discontinued for an upcoming redesign in 2008 with even more eco-friendly materials along with much of Saturn’s other Original Stock. So far the products that Saturn manufactures are based on what they called the Z body, a platform with a standard Saturn engine, a 1.9L which was later replaced by other engines by outside sources in 2002. Recently some fiscal issued have plagued Saturn with some vehicles being poor sellers, and thus they had to can both the Ion and the L series.

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