Rebuilt Tires

Rebuilt tires are nothing more than used tires that have the tread put back on, however they provide an environmentally friendlier way of tire manufacturing and recycling.

The process is that the company that gets the tires will inspect them for flaws, then they will begin the process. Rebuilt tires start out as old worn ones, usually almost bald – well the rubber tread is buffed off and a new tread is applied, resulting in a totally rebuilt tire. Recently some rebuilt tire companies have come under fire for cost cutting that results in poorly made products – however other companies are reputable and are good.

Rebuilt Tires - White Tires

Rebuilt tires can be rebuilt up to ten times – greatly extending the life of a tire. Rebuilt tires are usually cheaper, since the inner wall manufacturing doesn’t occur, and the tires are recycled. Where a normal tire may last a year, rebuilt tires that are taken care of and rebuilt when needed can, in theory, last ten years or longer, greatly reducing costs and increasing the mileage of the tires – this also positively affects the environment in that less materials are used up in the long run and less pollutants enter the atmosphere. Rebuilt tires are also very popular with the airplane industry, along with trucks and buses.

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