Ready, Set, Stop – Car Braking Components

Upgrading your car’s braking system becomes important from the time you decided to make your car go faster. Most drivers often neglect the importance of having a good and dependable braking system. They get too caught up with speed and forget that they need to stop.

 Car Brakes

Let’s start with brake pads. Friction is needed for breaks to generate heat. Brake pads are exposed to high degree of heat especially in high-speed runs. Good brake pads should be able to take on tremendous heat and can make your car stop when you need to. These are the characteristics of performance brake pads. Performance brake pads are made of high friction materials for maximum braking capability.

It is important to check for brake pad wear every so often, especially if you mostly run your car at higher speeds. Never compromise safety by using worn out pads.

Racecars or car with heavy usage rates can benefit from slotted brake rotors. The slots on these brake rotors are designed to keep all those brake dusts from interfering with the rotor function. The slots also serve as air passage to keep the brake pads cooler. When driving wet, the slots keep water away from the pads to maintain braking consistency.

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he braking system is made-up of tubes and pipes. This is where the brake fluid flows from the master cylinder to the brake drums and brake discs. Brake lines made of stainless steel are popular among race drivers because they don’t expand, increase pedal pressure, and provide extra firm pedal feel.

A brake caliper is a component where you can find your brake pads and pistons. Upgrading your car’s brake caliper will improve its braking power. High performance cars normally use four-piston or more floating brake calipers. The more number of pistons, makes pressure distributed equally, lowers stress on the caliper, and make brakes hold firmer.

If you find changing each braking component time consuming and confusing, you can actually buy an entire disc brake or brake kit. High performance disc brake kits already include calipers, brake lines, and floating discs.

Use brake fluid that can withstand high temperatures inherent in high-powered cars. Once your brake fluid reaches its boiling point, it looses its force transmission capability, which can result to brake failure. It is advisable to change your brake fluid at least once a year to maintain the brake fluid’s quality.

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