Racing Mirrors

Years ago, most vehicles came with only a driver’s side mirror and a rearview mirror.  It seems crazy these days not to have a passenger side mirror on your vehicle and many drivers use other types of mirrors in their vehicle to see the road and traffic for safe, as well as performance driving.  If you are looking for mirror accessories, here are just a few.

Turbo Racing Mirrors

Foldable Mirrors
One of the complaints that many car tuning enthusiasts mention is that they would like to protect their side view mirrors when they park in tight parking spots.  One of the best ways to do so is with a foldable mirror.  Foldable mirrors can either electronically or manually fold inwards towards the door so that other cars won’t hit or scratch them.  They are generally easy to install and depending on the vehicle and type you choose relatively affordable.

Mirrors with LED Lights
Another great mirror accessory is to have LED light signals on your side view mirror.  Not only will your car look great, but this added functionality can also alert drivers to your intentions and make you easier to spot.  LED light side view mirrors can now be purchased as an after market accessory making it much cheaper than buying it direct from the manufacturer.

Other Mirrors
While not necessarily performance accessories, there are other mirror accessories that definitely add functionality.  For instance, if you have kids, you can easily purchase a second smaller rear view mirror that stays focused on the back seat.  Another mirror accessory is a small ball for extra large or wide vehicles that make it easier to view side traffic.  And finally, if you already have an LCD screen in your vehicle, you can purchase a digital camera that fits on the rear of your vehicle and now be able to view traffic and objects from the rear without even a mirror necessary.

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