Porsche Carrera GT

This certainly is in hierarchy of the super cars.

With its 5.7 liter V-10 engine generating 612 horse power the Porsche Carrera GT is the ultimate two seater roadsters that provide a speed guzzling experience. Sit back and relax in this car and accelerate more than 300 km/h that would certainly push you to the limits of the G forces.

Porsche Carrera GT

Just like many super cars the canopy of the Carrera GT is closer to the base so as to evade air friction and provide smooth travel through the air just like a knife cutting through butter. The absolute setting for traveling in the Carrera includes the beach or the meadow grasslands in the countryside where the roads are open and wide which will be enough to hike your adrenaline. Since it’s a high speed ace it has a six speed manual transmission that enables you to get a good grip of this speed guzzling machine.

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