Pieces in Auto Tuning

Auto Tuning is probably one of the biggest hobbies in the United States, involving hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts who are avid Auto Tuning experts in their own rights. There are many different kinds of Auto Tuning and many different pieces needed to tune.  The major areas of modification for Auto Tuning are:

Engine Tuning

Pieces involved in engine tuning are most likely going to give the auto a better performance and speed record.  Auto tuning in this area involves adjusting the air/fuel ratios and also involves pieces like injectors and low restriction intake valves.  One major boost to engines when they are tuning them is to use Nitrous Oxide to enhance the fuel mixture, boosting performance of the engine.

Suspension Tuning

Suspension tuning involves modifying how well the car goes along the road.  Auto tuning here involves modifying the shock-absorbers and the springs of the car, along with the sway bars and strut bars.

Body Tuning

Body Tuning involves modifying the body of the car.  Auto tuning here involves modifying the body of the car, such as adding spoilers and other things to make the car look nicer.  They also shave the car by removing bumps, handles, and other protrusions for aerodynamic enhancements.

Modifications (the body and the inside)

Auto tuning is also involved in the modification of the exterior look using paint and stickers, neon lights, headlights, wheels and other components that go on the outside.  Spinners is a favorite among many car tuning enthusiast, and is one of the pieces that auto tuning uses the most for exterior modification.  Interior modification involves speaker systems, radio systems, seats, dashboard modification, steering wheel, and anything else located on the inside of the vehicle.  DVD’s with LCD screens have become a very common modification for a vehicle.  Auto Tuning can be fun when you have all the right pieces.

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    oi pessoal gostei desse site…pois eu tenho um fusca ano 76, puis um motor v8,equipei todo o meu fusca pegando ideias desse site, to muito feliz com o meu caranga agora, graças a vcs.

  3. Shenron says:

    You are welcome!
    We’ll keep trying harder. 🙂

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