Passenger Car Tires

Passenger car tires are the most produced tires, being that nearly every single car uses them. Passenger car tires are a standard and essential and economical anchor for the car industry, the common driver, and the car industry.

Passenger Car Tires - Rejected Passenger Car Tires

However there are some things you should consider with your tires. Since winter is still in full swing up here in the great northern hemisphere, while the rest of the people of earth get to stay warm down south, increased wear and tear on tires from salts and sands on the road do take their toll. Be sure to check your tread on your passenger car’s tires and do the “penny” test (any coin of about the same size will do) and slip it into the tread to check for wear.

Goodyear Tire Rebate

If you live in an especially snowy area and have problems getting around, check with your local DMV or driving authority about the legality of enhancements such as chances, or even metal studded snow tires instead of your regular passenger car tires. There’s a ton of different kinds of tires out there, so check all your options before you buy, and be sure you get something that is a quality tire, not a knockoff “because it is cheap” passenger car tire.

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