There’s not a whole lot to say about Obvio, other than it is a Brazilian automobile manufacturer and specializes in micro cars. They currently produce the two micro car lines in Brazil called the 828 and the 012, which are planned to be brought and distributed throughout the United States of America through the use of a company called ZAP.

Obvio logo

The cars are of a micro mid engine design with a continuously variable transmission that can usually do what other can and will mimic a six speed gearbox, it is also powered by a 4 cylinder engine that is a 1.6L rating and produces 115 horses on average tests.

Currently the 828 has a price of 14k in the U.S.A and the 012 has a price listed at in most dealerships of around 28k. There are other extra features that you can get with your micro-car Obvio such as HVAC, with an upgraded air system and air conditioning, individual seats so that more people can fit comfortably in the micro-car, power windows in the sides along with a rear mirror and also a central locking mirror.


Leather seats are also available, and recently the most advanced car computer, the iMobile Computer has become an option for the vehicles they manufacture.

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