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Nissan is a multinational automaker from Japan. It has long been the greatest flag bearers of the country when it comes to high technology cars with amazing performance. This can be easily justified by the fact that the Nissan VQ engines are rated and respected in the World’s Top Engines.

Since 1934, Nissan has made impeccable designs that are unmatched in speed, performance and technology. From Yoshisuke Aikawa to Carlos Ghosn, everyone has contributed more than 100% to upbring Nissan to the level of a World class automobile maker.

Nissan cars have proved their mettle on road in every aspect. Tuning your Nissan baby could be a real difficult work since they are more than perfect in technology. It takes a bit more cautious approach to improve its on-road performance and tune up its overall appearance.

Nissan has a powerful yet sensitive engine. Engine knock is a common curse for such heavily tuned up vehicles. To avoid Engine knock in your Nissan, upgrade the intake valve and bring down the compression ratio to a respectable 8.5:1 from 11:1. Moreover you have to be careful while picking up the fuel grade. A higher octane fuel will surely help your vehicle and protect the engine at the same time.

Nissan 350z Tuning

Moving to the much awaited forced induction in Nissan, we recommend some important tips. The basic definition of forced induction changes from high speed, thrust and acceleration to volumetric efficiency by drawing in more air for combustion purpose. Hence you should increase the head flow and enlarge the port size. Bigger valves and large exhaust header with a compression ratio around 9:1 would work perfectly fine for any Nissan model.

Boost controller is a good equipment to use and helps in setting an optimum boost pressure. The higher level of boost will give you a more efficient engine which can handle better stress. A 1.4 litre turbo engine is strong enough to produce an output of a large V6 prototype. This gets a better bang from the actual fuel you’ve got in your baby.

The final air/fuel mixture in the burn cylinders works well if more air is pushed through. But it has a disadvantage of further raising the compression ratio in your machine. To compensate the higher values from this end, we drop the initial compression boost to keep things going well. Hence more and more people go for Turbo Charging these days.

Let us brief you about the overall looks of your Nissan.

Dark maroon metallic shower paints on a basic Carbon body can give it a real powerful beast look. From a cute and graceful car, you end up with a power jock on the streets. Wheel rims and classy alloys are sure to change its ground grace.

A final finishing touch of a 3D CAD drawing would be awesome. Imagine the grace a leaping tiger poster on a black body would give to this wonderful car.

Nissan is a cute yet powerful road-boy and its tuning is no child’s play. So, be careful before you design your role model for the roads.

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