Nissan Primera Tuning

Primera is a large family car manufactured by Nissan. Its unmatched elegance and grace has enchanted many since its first launch in 1990. With a conventional front wheel drive chassis and a five speed manual gearbox, this car was rated heavily back in 1990. With the infusion of more and more models from nearest rivals, this model was long forgotten.

Primera is back with a bang. Its tuned up versions have cropped up like mushroom which shows that the love for large sporty cars still persists.

Nissan Primera P12, which is a third generation Primera, has stirred the market with its looks. The 2.0 L 6-Speed Manual Nissan Primera 20V has Nissan’s SR20VE Neo VVL engine with Variable Valve Lift and Timing. With engine powers as large as 150 kW (204 PS) and amazing RPM at 7200, anyone can fall for such mind blowing configurations. It would be a challenge as well as a dream to tune up such a car.

Nissan Primera Tuning

Let us break our tuning missions into different segments. Starting from the most economical tune-ups, people across the globe are crazy for a rio-black bodywork. Rather than spending too much of an amount on forced induction and other Nitrous speed boosters, you can spend some money on filters that help in cold air intake. A free flow exhaust, if accompanied with the filter can make a good power boosting combo for Primera.

Being a big car, we need to take care of the total weight after tuning. It is better if we remove the hard power sun roof and tie up a sporty hood to all the ends. It is a straight 15 Kgs bonus.

It is hard to find a match for engine swap but there are few that work wonderfully well for Primera. A B16A swap or maybe a 2.0 sohc VTEC is a great substitute. A starter version of Nitrous boost would do wonders as far as power impetus is concerned.

If you want to spend a little more money, then Power windows and stylish black carbon triangular mirrors are luxurious and appealing accessories.

A jet black JDM front end and red Zenon side skirts work really well to give this car a manly look. Have you ever tried the light weight flat back wheels in the form of a 20 inch Spoon SW338 shod?

It is an amazing combination of style and wild looks. Spoon callipers have always been an asset for every vehicle. An adjustable Energy suspension kit from Honda CR-X works really well for Primera.

Using the Thrust Mobilizers from Mazda 8 series can do a whole lot of performance upgrade for your vehicle.

It is simply imagination clubbed with professionalism which can turn this beautiful serene car into a great Pro racing road fighter.

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