Nine Items You Need to Change and Gap the Spark Plugs

If you think that you can get at the spark plugs without harming your car, assemble the necessary items:

  1. An old blanket, padded car protector or mattress pad: To be placed over the fender where you will be working to protect the car from scratches Car protectors frequently come with some handy and convenient pockets that hold little parts and tools while you work. You may make such a pocket yourself easily by pinning up the bottom edge of the folded blanket or pad.
  2. Work clothes: Wear old T-shirt that you don’t mind getting soiled with oil, grease, and other stuff. Replacing spark plugs may be easy, but it can get really messy.
  3. Hand cleaner
  4. Clean, lint-free rags: you will use these to clean the spark plugs, wipe the grease off your hands, and generally for cleaning up everything after the work is finished.
  5. Flashlight
  6. A new spark plugs set: Buy a spark plug for each cylinder in the car engine and don’t be confused if you’re told that you require eight spark plugs for the 4-cylinder car engine. Some car engines need a couple of spark plugs for each cylinder. Never change just a several plugs; it is all or nothing for balanced car engine performance. If you are feeling especially wealthy, purchase an extra plug in case you find that one of them is faulty, or in case you unintentionally ruin one by cross-threading it or by cracking it when you put it in. If you don’t use a spare spark plug, store it in your tool kit for emergencies. Spark plugs never stale.
  7. Silicone lubricant and anti-seize compound (optional): The spark plugs threads should be thinly coated with lubricant (anti seize) or with a dab of oil off the oil dipstick before installation. Also, if the spark plug wires have rubber boots, apply silicone lubricant to prevent them from sticking with the porcelain surface of the spark plug.
  8. A taper feeler gauge or wire: Necessary for gapping the spark plug.
  9. A small set of socket wrenches: That includes a spark plug socket and a ratchet handle.

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